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this blog is about twitch streamers who advocate for mental health. This image is of a gamer wearing a headset and sitting at a desk with a gaming PC. The gamer is playing an unidentifiable game on the monitor.

4 Twitch Streamers Who Advocate For Mental Health

4 Twitch Streamers Who Advocate For Mental Health Mental health is an issue that affects people all …

why everyone can benefit from therapy featured image - a woman of color, representing the therapist, sits in a chair taking notes. Across from her, another woman of color sits on a sofa, smiling at the therapist

4 Reasons Everyone Can Benefit From Therapy

Everyone can benefit from therapy. Yeah, you read that right. Even if you are perfectly healthy, men…

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Hi there, I’m Glo! I am a content creator, gamer, amateur artist, and crazy dog mom. I am here to share my mental health and personal development journey with you! My wish is that by sharing my personal experiences as GamerGlo, I can help you through your own journey through mental health and productivity, as well.

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