D&D – Astader, Dragonborn Barbarian

my art - Astader, my Dragonborn Barbarian, with her familiar Imp, Jerrie, for a DND campaign

October 2021

Oh Astader (pronounced ass-tuh-dare,) my favorite big dumb girl. Astader was my playable character in a D&D podcast I used to be a part of called Hella Gay D&D. Unfortunately, that campaign and podcast have come to an end, but you can still follow along with our wild adventures on your favorite podcast platform!

Astader truly is a testament to the importance of references! I tried so hard to draw Astader as I envisioned her in my mind, but it just looked a little off. After a bit of research, I found a lot of sources saying crocodile skinks are good references for dragons. And there you have it: Astader was born!

Of course, Astader can’t be caught without her precious pet rat, Jerrie (shhh don’t tell her he’s an Imp.) Neither of them are ever with out their trust Gay-Bans.

While I typically shade my personal artwork, I chose to leave this piece as flat colors as a sort of testament to the simple nature of Astader.

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