D&D – Allora, High Elf Paladin

my art - Allora, my High Elf Paladin for a game of D&D

December 2022

Allora (uh-lore-uh) is my newest character that I am playing in a D&D campaign! She is a High Elf Paladin who has sworn the Oath of the Storm.

Previously First Mate to one of the most formidable pirates around, Allora “The Relentless” now finds herself helping a ragtag bunch of explorers dive deep into a labyrinth to uncover its secrets.

I kept the colors to cool tones to stick with the ocean theme she has going, plus she’s a Moon Elf so it compliments her blue skin. I also wanted the red rubies of her Storm Lord pendant to stand out as the only prominent warm tones in the piece. I had originally sketched her in chain mail, but as I was lining the piece, I decided that scale mail just made more sense. Again, keeping with the sea theme.

I used a more painterly style of coloring/shading for this piece because I felt it fit her “ocean-loving pirate who’s sworn herself to the master of the seas” better than cell shading or my typical soft shading style. I really like how it turned out!

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