Brand New Self Care Challenge for Autumn

You can find a self care challenge all over the internet right now. As we are heading into the cooler months, I usually find myself entering a more solemn and sometimes less healthy state of mind. So, I decided I wanted to give one of those challenges a try! 

For the month of October, I have made my very own (mostly) autumn-themed challenge. I’ve included a download below if you’d like to follow along and use it yourself!

What is a self care challenge?

I’m sure there are many different ways one can go about a self care challenge. For the most part, they are a daily practice you put into place to make sure you are focusing on your health regularly. 

Most challenges I have seen have the days set up with something specific for you to work on or accomplish. My goal at the end of a self care challenge is to have a better understanding of my body and my mind and to just generally feel better!

My Self Care Challenge

I wanted to try a slightly different approach to the self care challenge. I have essentially made a bingo board. There are 30 squares divided into 6 columns and 5 rows, each with its own form of self care. I know October has 31 days, but it just wasn’t pretty that way! Plus this way you get a day of rest no matter what. I’m using Halloween for mine!

My aim is to complete one of these self care practices each day of the month (I’m posting this on the fourth, but I started on the first I promise!) As I complete each task, I’ll cross it off the board! 

Reward Yourself

You might notice each row and column has something special listed next to it. These are my rewards! Self care is not always easy, especially if you’re in a bad mental space. Positioning periodic rewards for practicing can be a good idea to make sure you’re taking care of yourself and enjoying it.

Every time I get a “bingo” I’ll reward myself with whatever treat is listed on that line. Your rewards can be anything you want them to be! Whatever makes you happy and makes you feel good about practicing self care is the best kind of reward.

Get started!

I am already on day four of my challenge, but you can start it at any time! 

I’ve laminated mine and I’m using a dry erase marker to cross things off as I complete them, but you can use it any way you’d like. You can use it digitally, print and mark it off with stickers, etc. It’s all up to you! 

I will check back in next month to let you all know how I did. 

If you download the challenge and go through it on your own, I’d love to hear what you think! Please let me know in the comments or tell me on Twitter!

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