my art - my streamer PNGtuber design
my art - my streamer PNGtuber design

February 2022

I randomly decided one day that I wanted to have an option for when I am live streaming on YouTube but don’t want to show my face (some days ya just aren’t feeling the camera, you know?) PNGtubers came to the rescue!

A PNGtuber is a simple series of images you upload into a program (I use Veadotube mini) that acts as your own little character for your stream or videos. It responds to your microphone to move your mouth and you can have it bounce around and blink, too!

Some PNGtubers are really out there, but I wanted mine to share some characteristics with my actual appearance (I had purple hair at the time and I am hella pale.) Some heterochromatic eyes and big ole elf ears were added to the character just for fun!

Of course, I had to include precious little baby Rory, as we all know he’s the real star of the show. As I talk, he sticks his little tongue out! If you want to see the PNGtuber in action, check out this past broadcast!

This style is really out there compared to what I normally draw, but I wanted something simpler that would work well on top of various backgrounds!

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