About Glo

Hi there, I’m Brittany, but on the internet I’m more often known as Glo!

I am a digital artist and content creator currently living and working out of Charleston, SC.

I’m heavily inspired by anime and video game art as well as the beautiful illustrations found throughout the pages of any D&D sourcebook. In the bulk of my work, you’ll find thick lines, saturated colors, and dramatic lighting, though I do love experimenting with new techniques and styles from time to time.

If you like my style, I would love to create something for you! Please check out my commissions to learn more.

Support My Fund to Move Abroad!

By commissioning me for artwork, you are contributing to my fund to move abroad!

I am currently enrolled in an accredited TEFL certification course to teach English abroad. All of my commission profits will be used to fund my future move to South Korea!




In addition to art, I am a HUGE gamer and a mental health advocate! On my blog, you’ll find the two merged as I navigate mental health and self care through gaming! Who says taking care of yourself can’t be fun?

You’ll often find me posting videos or live streaming on YouTube! Typically you’ll see me gaming or giving mental health advice, though on occasion you can catch a live art stream or a speedpaint video as well!

When I’m not working, gaming, or creating art, you can find me out exploring my city, hiking with my dog, Rory, or reading a book in my Happy Place!

And because we all know Rory is the real star, I’ve gathered some of my favorite pics for you to enjoy:

about me gaming hiking
rory hiking
Rory blep
rory walk
Rory playtime