Speedy Self Care – Take Care of Yourself in 10 Short Minutes.

October 25, 2018
October 25, 2018 Brittany

We all need some sort of speedy self care. In today’s fast-paced society, it’s not always possible to set aside a day or even a few hours to take care of ourselves. Between our work lives and our personal lives, it can seem almost impossible to set aside time for ourselves. But when we can’t find time for ourselves — that’s when we need it the most. In comes speedy self care!

Please make sure you read my disclaimers if you haven’t already.

I actually got the idea for speedy self care during my recent “Self Care Sunday” stream on Twitch.

We all get so caught up in getting things done that it becomes hard to actively practice self care.
Sure, a lot of us are doing the typical self care tasks that fall into our every day life: wash your face, brush your teeth, etc.

But passively practicing self care isn’t getting us to the mental state we need to be in.

In order to fully take advantage of the benefits self care affords us, we need to practice it actively. We need to be more mindful about our self care.

Now, about those benefits. What do we truly get out of taking care of ourselves?

Increased Productivity

Did you know that practicing self care can make you more productive? When you take a few moments to actually determine what’s important in your life, everything else just slides away. When you’re feeling overwhelmed and incredible busy, it’s time to re-center and figure out what is truly a priority to you. Use self care to get there.

Better Health

Self care can also boost your immune system. Turns out when you’re focusing some energy on your body and your mind, it can actually pay off! I personally experience the benefits of this outrageously. When I’m taking care of myself and actively practicing self care, I hardly ever get sick. When I fall into one of my slumps, it’s like every waking moment I’m catching some new disease.

Self Love

And finally, self care can help you love yourself. Sound cheesy? Who cares. If you want to grow to be a stronger, healthier, and more productive person, it is imperative that you’re not tearing yourself down every step of the way. Learn to love yourself and others will follow suit.

So how does this all fit in a speedy self care routine? There’s no way you can possibly set aside all the time necessary to reap all of these benefits from self care, right?
All I’m asking from you is ten minutes.


If you’re thinking you can’t set aside just ten minutes of your day for yourself, then you need this most of all.

Like all of my self care routines, we’re going to break these ten minutes down in to our handy dandy categories:

  1. Mind
  2. Body
  3. Soul

Let’s get to it.

Step 1 – Mind {1 minute}

One minute. One MEASLY minute. That’s all I’m asking from you. Set a time on your phone and start writing a journal.

Whatever thought comes to your head, just write it. For one minute straight, I just want you to write. Even if you’re just writing, “this is stupid,” that’s a start. If you’re not the type who can free-write like this, take this route instead: start a gratitude journal. For 1 minute, just write everything you’re thankful for in your life. At least one thing. Just one simple thing.
This practice helps to clear your head and, especially in terms of the gratitude journal, brings happiness to the forefront of your mind. So just start writing!

Step 2 – Body {4 minutes}

One minute down. Let’s set aside four more. Set another timer and do some basic yoga poses for just four minutes. Mountain pose, Down Dog, Child’s pose, Cobra. Whatever poses you’re comfortable with, just flow through the motions.

Like I mentioned in my last post, I particularly enjoy this simple routine I stumbled upon on Tumblr. Yoga increases your flexibility, improves your respiration, and makes you feel more alive. Take care of yourself by taking care of your body.

Step 3 – Soul {5 minutes}

We’ve built it up to this. Set a new timer: five minutes. You’re almost done. I want you to find your favorite hobby. I don’t care what it is. Drawing, reading, video games, knitting, whatever. Just pick a hobby that brings your actual, unadulterated joy. And dive in.

Practice this hobby for just five straight minutes. Let the world float away. For these next five minutes, it’s only you and your guitar; or you and your pen; or you and your book. During this time I want you to think about what you’re doing and why it makes you feel the way it does. Can you do that?

Your ten minutes is up.
It’s time to get back to the grind and finish everything else you were working on.
That wasn’t so hard, was it?

We all need to be more conscious about how we treat ourselves. Let’s all make a promise to set aside at least ten minutes every day to actively practice self care.
It’s about damn time that we love ourselves, right?

If you need help coming up with your self care routine or if you’re struggling with one of these steps, please please please feel free to reach out to me. I want to be here for you every step of the way.

You can reach out to me on Twitter or Instagram.
Or, if it’s something you want to keep private, send me an email at gamerglo@thebrittanylee.com.

And don’t forget to catch me live on Twitch!

I’m here to help ❤️

Keep Gloing!
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