My Ultimate List of the Best Apps for Self Care

February 11, 2019
February 11, 2019 Brittany

Self care these days can be difficult. With social media, endless notifications, and the perpetual presence of the internet, it’s easy to let yourself fall into a slump. But we can put those things to our use! There are so many great apps out there that you can use to simplify your self care and make technology work for you!

Please make sure you’ve read my disclaimers if you haven’t already.

There are a ton of awesome apps out there that you can use for self care.

Here are some that I think are fantastic:

Pacifica has lots of different resources for managing your mental health.
Shleep is a sleep coaching app designed to help you improve the quality of your sleep!
Happify uses psychology to suggest games that help build your mental resilience and overcome stress.
Meditation & Relaxation basically teaches you how to meditate! I can’t recommend this enough for people new to the practice.
This gratitude journal offers prompts and a mood tracker! There are a ton of different resources to help you feel gratitude every day of the year.
Habitica is the perfect habit tracker for gamers! You create a little avatar and gain XP as you mark off habits each day.

But there are three apps that I use in my daily life to simplify my self care practice.
I absolutely do not know what I would do without these apps and I highly recommend them to everyone! As always, I like to focus on my little trifecta:

Mind, Body, and Soul!

I am an Android user, so all of these apps can be found in the Google Play Store.

Stop, Breathe, & Think {Mind}


I mentioned this in my Winter Morning Routine. I found this app for guided meditation and I have loved it. Like most meditation apps, there is a limited free version and a paid version — but this one does run on a subscription model. I, personally, just use the free version and it perfectly fits my needs.

Now, here’s why I love this app so much. It not only gives me guided meditations, it checks in with me. Every morning I open this app and it times me for a few seconds for some deep breathing.

After that, though, it asks me how I’m feeling. I can select up to 5 options from a variety of different pre-listed emotions. They range from Happy to Anxious to Hopeless.

Based on what I select for how I’m feeling, it recommends meditations for me that day. And the best part — it tells you approximately how long that meditation will take you! In my experience, they range from 4 minutes to 10 minutes.

After I complete the guided meditation, it checks in again to see how I’m feeling after the meditation. I love this for keeping track of how I’m doing and also how meditation is helping me.

Another thing I love is that this app gives you achievements! As a gamer, this is so great for motivating me to continue using this app.

Plant Nanny {Body}


This app is adorable and is the only thing that has kept me motivated to drink enough water. When I’m working or gaming or doing anything that requires my focus (aka almost anything I do) I can forget to stay hydrated. Hydration is so important to basically every part of our bodies — immune system, skin, stomach, the list goes on — so going an ENTIRE DAY without drinking a drop of water can be hella bad for you. I’ve definitely never done that. Nope. Never.

In comes Plant Nanny!

This app lets you plant a cute lil plant and as you drink water, you water your plant! Once it’s fully grown it gets transferred to your garden and you can plant a new one. It gives you little reminders to remind you to take a drink of water, too!

Don’t fall of the wagon though, because if you don’t give your plant enough water IT WILL DIE!!

The first time my plant died it made me so sad, so I make sure I’m drinking enough water every single day. It will give you a recommended amount of water to drink based on your height and weight, but you can adjust it to fit your needs.

This app also has achievements you can unlock, which the gamer in me is SUPER about!

Mystic Mondays {Soul}


I’ve never been a particularly spiritual person, but in the past year I’ve gotten super into Tarot readings.

I love this app because not only does it give you a single card reading every day — and explain what it means — but it also has a library of the cards!

I love this app because not only does it give you a single card reading every day — and explain what it means — but it also has a library of the cards!

I love to study the different cards and learn more every single day. What I love most about this app over other Tarot libraries or readings is that it gives the positive and negative of each card. Even if you get a card that means something bad, it reminds you that there is good in everything!

There are other apps that I will use on occasion, but these are the three that I absolutely could not live without and that I make sure to use every single day.

Are there any self care apps that you love? Or are you looking for one but haven’t found the right fit yet? Let me know over on Twitter!

See you next week! Keep gloing.

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