How This Difficult Year Helped Improve My Life.

January 3, 2019
January 3, 2019 Brittany

2018 was a wild fucking ride. Am I right?
There were ups, there were downs, and it made me scream a lot.
But now that we’re nearing the end of this crazy ride, I’ve realized something.

I had a great time.

There were times when my life was upside down, sure. There were times with life threw me for a loop.

But I got to experience all of this with an amazing support system.
And I can say without a doubt that I am a stronger person because of it.

To go from having to take mental health leave from work to being in the position I am in now mentally? It’s amazing. I’m not 100%. In fact, this post is a few days late because I’ve been struggling. But I am so much better than I was. Whew.

And let me tell you, it was not easy. There was a lot of learning and growing and failing that happened this year.

But I’ve learned so much about who I am and who I want to be.

And because of that, I’ve learned all about the things that I need to give up.

Here are the 3 things I’m leaving (left?) behind in 2018.

1 – envy

I am the worst when it comes to comparing myself to others. This has create strained relationships and destroyed my self esteem.

So I’m leaving envy and comparisons in 2018 and moving on! No longer will I ask why I’m not that skinny; that smart; that good at a game. I will praise others for their qualities and I will love myself for mine.

2 – toxicity

Everyone who’s seen me play a video game knows I can get rowdy. Don’t be alarmed! I’m not throwing away gamer-rage or yelling. 😜

I am, however, throwing away my toxic mindset. Instead of letting the little things get to me, I’m going to let them go. I will do my best not to judge others based on their choices. I will not let someone else’s negative emotions impact me. I will not talk down to others. And I will accept blame when it is due.

I hope to continue growing as a person. I hope to improve and help others do the same.

3 – stress

I know there’s no possible way to throw away all stress. What I truly mean is to throw away the way I let stress impact me.

Instead of holding onto my stress and letting it consume me, I will let it go. I will acknowledge that stress, evaluate it, and then I will let it exist separate from me.

I don’t want to build up so much stress that I explode — which I did this year. This year I am going to work smarter than ever and harder than ever. Stress can suck it.

So that’s what I’m leaving in 2018.

But what about what’s coming? It’s incredibly important to set goals so you can have direction in your life. This even applies for behaviors and mindsets.

So here are 3 things I’m working on in 2019:

1 – Mindfulness

I’ve already been practicing mindfulness a bit for the latter part of 2018. In 2019, I’m going to dedicate even more time and attention toward it.

This will help me build my mental fortitude. And it will help me become more aware of myself! I have already purchased a few books on the subject and I’ve bookmarked tons of websites!

2 – Health

I’m working on my mental strength, so why not my physical strength as well?

Without a doubt, this is going to be the hardest goal for me to accomplish. I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired. So I want to reinforce my body. I’m planning on doing that by adopting a healthier diet and bringing regular exercise back into my life.

I’ve always been a preacher of exercise for self care, but I’ve let myself fall off the wagon. With meal prep and an exercise regiment, I believe I can power myself up!

3 – Career

In 2019, I want to take GamerGlo to the next level.

I’m going to be dedicating more time than ever to this project. I’m going to be researching and developing and improving. I plan to network with other content creators to form a community of sorts focusing on our mission: gaming as self care.

It’s going to take a lot of work and a lot of willpower. But I’m going to do it.

I’m not expecting 2019 to be a walk in the park. But I am going to work hard to make it my best year yet.

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Keep gloing, my friends.

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