7 Ways I Make My Mornings More Wonderful

Do you find it harder and harder to wake up every morning the colder it gets? Ugh, I feel you. When it’s so cold and dreary outside, it’s hard to get out of bed. That’s why morning routines are so very important in the morning! My morning routine gives me something to look forward to in the morning — even if it’s bleak outside. 

Truly, I have to switch up my morning routine every so often. I mentioned that in my last post about the subject. If I don’t add some variety into my life, I start to feel stagnant. And that’s not good!

It’s never a conscious decision, either. It just sort of morphs to serve me at that time.

So as we ease into the Winter months, I noticed: my routine was changing!

Of course there are always some basic tasks that remain the same: I always have to walk Rory, brush my teeth, and eat breakfast. Some things experienced a slight tweak while others got changed all together.

My morning routine still focuses on my own personal Triforce:

Each step in my routine somehow attributes to one of these factors! See you can figure out each one. 😜

Walk my Dog

Rory is one hyper little tater tot. As soon as I start waking up, he is at 100%. And that means it’s time to go. I love starting each morning with an easy, slow walk with him. It not only forces me to get up and get moving; it gives me a chance to start my day outside with some fresh air. 

In the winter, it’s pretty magical because at 6am it’s still dark outside and we get to walk among the stars. I find myself lowing down and even stopping to stare at the sky some times. It’s a peaceful mindful way to start the day. 


As an adult, personal hygiene and physical self care have become so important to me. If I don’t wash my face and brush my teeth immediately, I jut feel gross. In the winter time, I do have to switch up the routine a bit. Otherwise my face will dry out!

I wash my face using a gentle cleanser. Currently I’m obsessed with Best Face Forward, which I picked up from Target. Then I swipe a generous amount of my fav toner, Thayer’s. While I let that absorb into my skin, I brush my teeth using my Quip toothbrush. Y’all, I’m pretty sure I’ve said it before, but I love this thing. 

Once my teeth are all nice and clean, I moisturize with Grown Alchemist Day Cream. I got this stuff in my Fall Fab Fit Fun box and I absolutely love it. The price is a little cringe-worthy, but I might have to shell out some cash for more soon. 

5 Minute Journal

Fresh-faced and happy, I sit down to journal. I found myself doing morning pages less and less and recently hopped onto the 5-Minute Journal train. So, I don’t actually have The Five Minute Journal. I created a board inside Trello and instead just journal there!

Basically how it works is you break your journaling down into day and night. In the morning you ask yourself 2 questions:

1) What am I grateful for?
2) What would make today great?

After you answer those questions, you write down your affirmations.

This helps me start my day on a positive note. It sets the tone for the rest of my day and fills me with joy. 

I’ve found this helps me a bit more than morning pages just because I am forced to focus on the good. Instead of just emptying my mind, good and bad, I’m setting myself up for success. 


My meditation routine has changed a bit, too!
It’s still an important part of my morning routine. Instead of relying on my coffee maker as a timer, I’ve become more disciplined and found guided apps that work for me. 

My personal favorite right now is Stop, Breathe, Think. I love that it asks you to check in first. Something about it feels more personal. Based on your check-in, it recommends different types of guided meditations – some of which involve easy activities, like a short walk. 

I’ve found that this app really helps me get more in tune with myself. Instead of just sitting down and trying to wipe my mind, I’m focusing on what’s going on inside of me. 


My journaling and meditation may have changed, but my yoga didn’t!
I’m still doing my super easy yoga routine in the morning. The more I do it, the better I feel. There’s just something so empowering about getting a good stretch in to start my day. I love how easy this routine is, but it still makes me feel accomplished. I’m no pro Yogi by any means, but I can’t recommend this sequence enough.


I’ve recently hopped back on the podcast bandwagon! I absolutely love to listen to something positive and inspiring in the morning. Lately I’ve been obsessed with Raise Your Hand, Say Yes. I’ll start and episode while I get my coffee and my breakfast ready.

This podcasts are so easy to listen to,too! I don’t have to dedicate my attention to it too much. But it’s filled with such insights and positivity I honestly don’t know how I started my mornings without it before. 


I know there are more and more studies saying that breakfast isn’t the most important meal of the day. But I beg to differ. At least for me personally.

If I don’t eat breakfast in the morning, I’m just setting myself up for one helluva day! I don’t do anything super fancy or difficult. The hardest I’ll go is some avocado toast (with just sea salt and pepper flakes, thank you!) 

So long as I’m starting my day with something filling and energizing, I am good to go! 

This may come as a surprise to some people, but that’s where my routine ends! I do not shower in the morning. I do that right before bed and it’s sort of the way I relax at night. After breakfast, it’s time to apply makeup, get dressed, and power through my day!

My winter morning routine is working to keep me sane and healthy as we head into these cold months! Everyone’s needs are different, so don’t fret if yours looks different than mine. There’s no need for us all to be exactly the same!!

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